RF LED Driver


Product Code: AC1

This tiny pixel controller is suited to drive LED stripes and other lightsources with constant current or alternatively with constant voltage. It can control LED stipes and other LED light sources with 12, 24 or 48V, with a maximum of 6.25A per channel. What makes the AC1 special is its integrated RF module that allows control out of the distance with Astera’s RF Remote Control. Several AC1 can replay programs synchronously. Additionally, the AC1 is equipped with a DMX output.

Available Outputs:
Constant Voltage output 12/24/48V, (PWM)
Constant Current output (350mA or 700mA)

AC1-1×4: 4 channels (RGBW)
AC1-4×4: 16 channels (4xRGBW or 5xRGB)

Max current per Channel
AC1-1×4 4A
AC1-4×4: 6.5A

DMX512, isolated for AC1-D versions

DMX configuration
10 x dip switch, 2x LED indicator

Wireless module
Integrated 868MHz receiver (US version: 902-928 MHz)

Up to 300m range (330 yards)

Ambient temperature
-5°C to 50°C

Relative humidity

Unit Size
AC1-1×4: L150mm x W40mm x H28mm (L5.9″ x W1.6″ x H1.1″)
AC1-4×4: L250mm x W110mm x H90mm (L9.8″ x W4.3″ x H3.5″)

AC1-1×4: 82g (0.18lb)
AC1-4×4: 1100g (2.2lb)

Casing Material:
AC1-1×4: Plastic
AC1-4×4: Metal