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Marquee Letter Lights


We carry a large variety of illuminated vintage style marquee letter lights for rental. No matter where, when or for what occasion  our oversized marquee letter lights are sure to make a big statement. Our 3 foot letters & characters are custom made with the highest quality materials, with a rustic finish and classic font style. We can spell your name, company, social media handle or anything you want to say in bright lights! Make a big statement at your next event with our marquee letter lights. Your letters can be hung from any type of trussing, staging, walls, staked into the ground or simply rested on the floor. Each marquee letter light comes prewired and easily plugs into any standard power source



The sphere is a great object to be lit up at events. It can be used to provide ambience lighting or to set LED lighting accents around any event site. Lighting designers can use this item for indoor and outdoor decoration as it can survive a rain shower or even a heavy storm. Since the LED sphere is available in different sizes, a range of different lighting options are possible when using it for LED event lighting.

10 Inches (1.75lbs)
16 Inches (2.6lbs)
20 Inches (5lbs)
24 Inches (6.6lbs)