Multi LED Driver



The Multi LED Driver is a RGB light controller with 32 RGB outputs. As it supports the DMX 512 standard protocol it can individually control 96 DMX channels (32 RGB outputs) by using a standard DMX 512 source. For larger installation up to six AC3s can be connected in a chain to control the channels of a whole DMX universe. For a standardized installation, Astera has developed several customary lamps and light bulbs which can be easily connected to the Multi LED Driver.

Astera’s AC3 is powerful RGB light controller with 32 RGB outputs that connect via USB-connector to single pixels.. As it supports the standard DMX512 protocol, it can individually control up to 96 DMX channels (32RGB outputs) by using any standard DMX-512 source or the Astera Artnet Converter AC4.

If more than 32 RGB light sources need to be controlled individually, the MLC32x3 can connect to one another, up to six pieces in one string, so the channels of each DMX-universe can get driven to requirement.

The controller has an automatic addressing function. The first unit in a line, where the data from the DMX source like a personal computer interface or a DMX-recorder, is applied starting always with DMX-address “1”. The following controllers which get daisy chained are continuing with one address higher than the last address of the previous controller

Input Voltage: 18-48V VDC
Input Current: 1max. 2.5A @ 48V, max. 5.0A @ 24V
Output Voltage: max. 15V pulse width modulation (PWM)
Output Current: max. 160 mA / channel
Over-all Output Current: 7A @ ( 0–50 degree C), 8.5A @ ( 0–40 degree C)
Sockets In: 1 x RJ45 (DMX), 1 x Combicon 6-pol, 0.2”
Sockets Out: 1 x RJ45 (DMX), 32 x USB A, female
DMX Capability: Yes
Channels: 96
DMX addressing: DMX dip switch
Unit size L250mm x H87mm x W110mm (L9.8″ x H3.4″ x W4.3″)
Weight 1.420 kg ( 3.13 lb)
Environment: Indoor
Housing: Aluminum body with DIN-rail mounting
Extras: 12-bit PWM – oversampling modulation with gamma correction and white calibration, fully protected outputs